single use disposable ultrafiltraion / diafiltration system

AlphaBio: Systems Integration and On-site Services

AlphaBio Profile

AlphaBio is focused on its developing ARTeSYS™ "Single Use" purification systems and on site services business with the divestment of its distribution business. This newly enabled focus will allow us to accelerate the innovation timelines and target areas that we believe are currently under-served in the marketplace. Having been in this industry since its inception, we possess a level of process insight that is unmatched by our competition. We look forward to the global opportunity to lead this segment into this exciting new process arena.

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News & Product Updates

ARTeSYS™ Disruptive Innovation

AlphaBio's, ARTeSYS™, Single Use Systems for protein purification are a classic example of disruptive innovation. If you are unfamiliar with disruptive innovation, you can learn more about it in this short clip from Clay Christensen of the Harvard Business School. Then consider, if you haven't heard of our ARTeSYS™ Systems, don't you owe it to your customer's to learn more?


AlphaBio Systems Mid-Atlantic Sales Rep

AlphaBio is pleased to announce the partnership between Stan Tarry of Flexbiosys and AlphaBio. Stan will be handling the distribution of AlphaBio disposable systems in the the Mid-Atlantic region from Washington DC to New Jersey.


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