Product Offerings

AlphaBio works closely with many of the premier product manufacturers in our field. Whether it is Gaskets or Gammables™, it is often our suggestions that lead them to develop a new product or the customization of an existing one. Why we choose to work with one supplier over another is based upon our years of experience and background in the industry. Seldom does it evolve to a price question between equal products. This doesn't mean that we can't supply the other product, it means that we have qualified one or two suppliers over the others and selected those that we feel most comfortable supplying our valued clients. The lowest cost of ownership is not always easy to determine. But getting an equivalent product for half the price from a previously unknown supplier is not what AlphaBio does. We have selected over time the best of class suppliers and work with them to get better. There are new suppliers arriving daily from all points of the globe. Some of them have dubious credentials at best. We have worked with many of the reputable industry suppliers and are happy to discuss our thoughts with you and your staff, but only a few have earned the distinction of being named here.

Custom Systems

Chromatography & TFF in both traditional and single use configurations. CIP systems, both fixed in place and portable. Capabilities span the gamut of simple custom pump carts to complex process systems. 2D & 3D CAD services(Solidworks, Mechanical Desktop), analysi suing Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling(CosmosWorks), Process Monitoring and control(PLC based, LabView).

Contractors Corner

Prefabricated Aquasyn point-of-use drops, "Perfect Pitch" pharmaceutical piping slow elbows, Stainless Steel & polypropylene piping runs and spool pieces. Aquasyn RODI, USP and Reagent water systems.