Contractors Corner


Our specialized expertise with the equipment we provide, has enabled us to develop some skills and product combination's that can make your field installations go much faster than someone without those skills. Prefabricated kits is how we do this. In an effort to broaden the exposure of some of those concepts, we have collaborated with the folks at Aquasyn and a few of our other partners to develop some "standardized" installation products that can make your job that much easier. As an example, it is kind of along the lines of IKEA. You have a vision for the dimensions and features of the area you want to install a water system "Point of Use" into. Don't just buy the parts and put it together in the field. Let us assist you to get that done more efficiently by 3D modeling the point of use with its overall length requirements and any additional fittings you may need added to the package and get it from the factory as a complete Bill of Materials. Use our Perfect Pitch TM slope correcting devices to allow you to have the right slope on your lines at all times. Then, let us provide you with the Clean Room wall mounting bracketry that comes in electropolished and cleaned and to your required dimensions. And last, let us know if you need a Point of Use purification device, like a UV lamp, Filter, DI resin cartridge, a point of use cooler or even a counter top water system for your lab personnel. We can help you outfit that area to your final requirements. This concept can be developed to include as much equipment and engineering as necessary to allow your on site technicians the quickest installation possible, even complete purified water systems. Plug and play, cut and paste, whatever you call it, contact us and we can refer you to a local installer, or assist ourselves if necessary, to complete your small to medium project or addition in a fraction of the time you may be accustomed to.

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