Engineering - Custom Process Systems and Parts


It is tough to put thirty five years of process experience into a few hundred words. Almost as tough as trying to convey in a three ring binder all of the various things that AlphaBio can do and does. The basic message is we provide process solutions. When someone is looking for an answer to their process challenge, we are often the company they call first, if they are aware of us. Whether it is a simple off the shelf valve product of a customized Single Use System, AlphaBio is a great resource throughout California and the Western States. Universities, Labs, Bio Process CMOs, Big Pharma, from Biotech Bay to Biotech Beach, we have provided solutions that add significant value and lower cost of ownership to our clients. We figure out new ways for our clients to do their jobs more efficiently and cost effectively. When a client wants someone with experience and expertise to provide a solution, not just a puzzle piece, AlphaBio is the kind of company they often need.

Process Systems

Currently AlphaBio specializes in process systems custom tailored to a particular customers specifications. The AlphaBio philosophy is to have a dialog about the needs of a customer and then suggest the best way forward at a reasonable cost. Below we highlight some examples of our recent work.

Custom Made Parts

Have a part that you need engineered and manufactured? Alphabio specializes in the full vertical integration of creating those hard to find parts. from custom battery powered bag carts to custom filter housings AlphaBio can service your requests with exceptional quality at competitive rates.

  • Custom Filter Housings
  • Battery Powered Disposable Bag Carts